Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My European Adventure - Part 4 Paris

After we saw the Eiffel Tower we walked over to L'Hôtel national des Invalides to see Napoleon's Tomb and war museum.
In the park outside the building quite a few older people were playing bocce ball.  It was fun to watch.
I've decided that when I die I should have a giant structure built to honor my awesomeness!  
and humility! :)
I thought this was pretty amazing.  There was some work being done to one of the sections in the open courtyard, but they didn't want to take away from the way the building is supposed to look.   They made this covering to replicate the section being worked on!  Pretty amazing if you ask me!
 Inside the building where Napoleon's tomb is, you look up and this is what you see
In the middle of the room is Napoleons tomb.  You look down on it from up above.
Here is the sign that leads you down to the crypte where the tomb lies.
This is only the outer tomb.  There are actually 6 coffins all inside each other. 
This figure stands outside his tomb.

This is the start of the war museum.  Isn't this a creepy outfit used for war?

Could you imagine being at the other end of this?  No thank you?
 This is the the propeller of the Wrights biplane.

 This is some armor for a "larger" man.
 This middle sword has a switch that opens the outer blades once the knife has been plunged into your enemy.
 An early form of the cup

 What child would actually wear this?  I can hear my kids saying... more like whining, "Mom, it's too heavy!  Mom, I can't see anything!  Mom, it's too hot!"  I could go on, but I'll stop now.

Poor Grandpa!  Have you ever tried pushing a wheelchair over cobblestones?  Well he did!  And by the time we got to the war museum he couldn't help but put up his feet on a nearby ledge and rest for a minute.
 It was fun to share some of the sights with Grandpas new bride, Connie.  
 It was sunny when we went into the tomb and war museum, but by the time we got out it was pouring rain!   And did we get a taxi?  Nope!  We walked back!  Actually, we got a taxi for Grandpa and Grandma Connie and then watched them drive away in there dry cab and then sojourned on through the rain!

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