Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My European Adventure - Part 5 Paris

On our third day in Paris (I think), we went and saw the Louvre.

Supposedly the Holy Grail is being stored under the floor where that small solid pyramid is.   I'll let you decide if that's true or not.
As you enter via the metro to get to the Louvre there are some stores lining the entryway.  I'm glad I can count on apple to be nearby even in a foreign country.

 This is what my hubby looks like after I've come home from Target

 Is he ashamed of something or just cold?
 Do you think this lady realizes that her dress has slipped down?

Venus de Milo

This structure lay undiscovered under the Louvre for a long time before they found it and opened it to the public

 This is the wing where the Mona Lisa hangs
 The crowd getting up to the Mona Lisa was CRAZY!!!  And look how small she is!  I had no idea she was so small!
With my sisters sweet concert shoving skills and my black friday shopping experience we were able to make our way to the front to meet her in person!
 After the Louvre and getting separated from my father, we let our mom and dad go back to the hotel and we headed to see the Arc de Triomphe.  We were worried we wouldn't be able to find it, but as soon as we stepped out of the metro it pretty much slapped us in the face.  After that we turned around and leisurely strolled down the Champs de Elysee.  We stopped in H&M and bought scarves just so we could have a bag that said Champs de Elysee on it.  TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

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