Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My European Adventure - A Christmas Store, A Torture Museum, and A Night Watchman

This is the famous Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas store.  The shop is pretty amazing, but also on the pricey side.
 There were displays like this all throughout the store.
 And beautifully decorated Christmas trees and more ornaments in one place than I have ever seen in my entire life!
 This is the last picture I took before noticing the sign that said no photographs allowed.
And who could go to Rothenburg without seeing the torture museum!
So many of these things would be great for disciplining my kids!  Just kidding!

Doesn't he look like he belongs in there?
Look!  A mid evil form of a timeout chair.  How do you think that would in my living room?  It has a certain old world charm to it don't you think?  Again, just kidding!
This was a mask of shame.  I believe this one would have been worn by a blabber mouth.
Doesn't the mechanics on this chest look like something out of Harry Potter?  Maybe not as intricate, but similar idea, right?

This device was the cruelest form of punishment and was reserved for mainly murders.  The executioner would run the wheel over the convicts arms and legs until all the bones were broken.  Once the convict was dead they would weave them through the spokes in the wheel and then put the wheel on a pole as a reminder to other town members.
This is a wood carving of St. Veit.  It is said that he had to sit in a pot of boiling oil and came out unharmed.
 We new that while in Rothenburg we HAD to do the watchman tour.  Unfortunately it was soooo cold that night.  Thankfully we had stopped at a German form of a dollar store, called a Euro store, and found some gloves.
 This is the night watchman.  To go on the tour you gather in the center of town and the night watchman comes and takes you on a tour through the town.
 He was very entertaining and gave a great history of the town.

 See that scarf?  Thats the scarf I bought on des champs elysee for the bag.  Good thing I bought it! 

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