Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My European Adventure - Our Hotel and The Vasa

This was the hotel we stayed at in Stockholm.  It was pretty swanky.  The rooms were clean and they even have a teddy bear on the bed that you could snuggle with.  Awww . . . isn't that sweet?  Even better was the breakfast.  They had a good selection and it gave us an opportunity to load up calorie wise because like Copenhagen, food was very expensive!  Must be a scandinavian thing.

See what I see?  I thought it was funny, but I am weird like that.

This plaque explains a little bit about Vasa.  Basically, its a ship that sank after just leaving the dock.  They spent a lot of time and money to make this thing look amazing, but didn't really think about the engineering end of things did they?
 This thing is massive!  I tried to get some shots to show how big it was but they really don't do it justice.

 This is how it probably looked back in the day.  They think that it was painted with bright vivid colors and had gold accents.
 Here are a couple of those shots to try and give you a feel for how big the thing was.
 The process of restoring this ship is really astounding.  They had to soak every inch of it it a special solution to try and slow the decay process.  It is constantly being monitored to continue to help preserve it.  They built this building out over the water directly around the ship so it wouldn't have to be moved far.
 Here is our sweet gangsta' shot.  We're pretty bad!  It was so dark in the museum it was hard to get a non fuzzy shot.
 And this was the view directly outside the Vasa Museum.  Again, look at those fall colors.  Sweden might of been super cold and windy, but so incredibly beautiful. 

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