Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My European Adventure - Arriving in Rothenburg

Upon arriving in Rothenburg, we discovered that there were no cabs large enough for our party of 5 and our luggage.  So my brother, sister, and I let our mom and dad take the cab and we decided to walk.  The walk didn't start off that bad.  However we started our walk in the new part of Rothenburg where they had paved sidewalks.  Things got interesting though as we passed through Rothenburgs city wall into the old town and everything was cobblestones.  Pulling luggage over cobblestones is not an easy task.  At least when we had to stop and rest for a minute there were charming buildings everywhere to look at.

 This is a famous attraction in Rothenburg.  Its a house built right in a fork in the road.

This is our hotel.  Probably the nicest accommodations we had while in Europe.

Look!  A loft!

The timbers running through the loft were very charming and also very crooked.  I LOVED it!!!
My sister and I had our own room!  Very nice!
This was the kitchen!
And the sitting area!
The views from this hotel were what really made it special. This was outside the front of the hotel.
Again, outside the front of the hotel.  This church was right across the street from us and was very quaint. 
Inside the church.

 And this was the view from the bathroom balcony.  Gorgeous!!!!
 I think I could wake up to that every morning and never get tired of it!

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