Friday, January 4, 2013

My European Adventure - Part 7 Nuremberg

Here we are arriving in Nuremberg, Germany.  To get to our hotel we had to walk through this little open plaza area, covered in cobblestone.  Very quaint!  
This church was in this open area.  This was another place of embarrassment for my father.  The night we got to Nurenberg, this church was having a little concert with a lady reading some story in German and someone playing the organ.  I didn't understand any of it, but the music was beautiful.  Anyhow, as we were leaving my dad neglected to notice that there were candles lit at each pillar in this church and knocked one over.  I could just hear (in my head) those around us saying "stupid american!" And he was worried about me embarrassing him!
Here is a better picture of that open area I was talking about.  That's the church on the left where my dad knocked over the candle.  and then the separation between the 2 buildings up ahead is where we'd go to get to our hotel.
This is where we walked to get to our hotel.

And this is the street our hotel was on!

This is the view from our hotel room!  Great, right?!  That's the castle in the distance.  I'll have pictures of the castle in a later post.  It's beautiful!
Another view from our room!
This is our room!  It was two story.  Under the stairs was a bed and then upstairs were 2 more beds, sitting area, and bathroom.

This is the dining area.  I'm pretty sure I need a light like that for my next house!  Just kidding!

Outside our hotel!  See all that cobblestone.  I didn't have any problem walking on it until it was time to go to church and I brought wedges.  Me, wedges, and cobblestones don't mix in case you were wondering!

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