Monday, December 31, 2012

My European Adventure - Part 3 Paris

While in Paris we used the metro or subway to get everywhere.  If you ever plan on going to Paris, I highly recommend the metro system.  You can get anywhere on the metro and its the cheapest way, other than walking, to get around.  If you can get over being crammed in the cars during rush hour then this is the way to get around!

On our way to see the Eiffel Tower we walked through the Rue Clare to pick up Grandpa and Grandma.  The shops through here are exactly what I pictured Paris to be like.  The chocolate, pastries,  and cheese shops were abundant and I would have loved to have gone to each and everyone and tried everything, but unfortunately time nor my waistline would allow.

This little monument was just outside the park before reaching the Tower.  Now not to be a pervert but look at the placement of the guys hands in the middle of the carving.
Wait!  Here's a close up.  Um.... what's that about?!
And here is the Eiffel Tower.

My mom and dad took the elevator, but I REALLY wanted to climb the stairs.  So I convinced my brother and sister to do it with me.  My brother was eager but my sister, not so much!
Here's more stairs
And even more!
I don't know if you can see my sisters face, but she wasn't very happy with me.
And here is the home stretch on the stairs.
Come on sister.  You're almost there!
Come on!!!  You can do it!
We made it!  I was only slightly sweaty and had to pull my hair back, but it was TOTALLY worth it!  I think the six pounds I lost on my trip happened mostly because of this.
Do you see that strip of land in the middle of the river?  On the far end is something that not everyone knows is part of Paris.  10 pts. to those that can find it and name it!

Another view.  The dome is Napoleon's tomb.  I'll have pictures of that later.

After climbing all those stairs I was SUPER hungry so we decided to have lunch on the Eiffel Tower.  I had a simple baguette with ham and cheese and it was wonderful.  This pigeon decided to join us for lunch.

My European Adventure - Part 2 Paris

When we arrived in Paris it was our goal to just stay awake till 9:00 p.m. to help with jet lag.  We stopped off at our hotel (pictured below) and then headed out to see Notre Dame.
This picture was in our hotel room.  I think it was telling us to not eat in our room, but if taken literally in English it would just mean not laying out your picnic blanket and basket and eating on the floor.
This was taken on the street where our hotel was.  I LOVE all the flower baskets in the windows.  So many windows were like this in Paris.  I am pretty sure I need to do this in my next home!
We didn't have far to walk to get to Notre Dame.  It was so crowded though we didn't go in.  So the pictures of the inside are actually from another day.
The grounds around the cathedral were beautiful.

I had to take a picture of the Parisian birds.
These figures greet you as you enter Notre Dame
Maybe someone out there knows whats up with the beheaded dude??
 Classic Notre Dame stain glass window

After we saw Notre Dame it was still to early to go to bed so we decided to keep walking.  Close to our hotel was the Bastille as well as where Victor Hugo was believed to have lived.  
I wish I had time to take the Paris sewer tour so I could better picture Jean Valjean from Victor Hugos Les Miserables.  How cool would that have been?!

My European Adventure - Part 1 Getting There

Since my brother received his mission call to Germany, my dad has been planning his trip to Europe once my brothers mission was over.  As my brothers mission was coming to an end, my amazing father offered to pay for me to go since I had never been before.  How could I turn that down?  Three weeks in Europe!!!!  Um....Hello?!  So once the offer was made I went off to get my passport.   Here are some pics from the start of our journey.
Here we are on the shuttle to the airport.  My hubby said I should tell my dad that I forgot my passport just as we arrived at the airport.  I decided giving my dad a heart attack before we got off the ground wouldn't be the best start to our trip
 Goodbye Seattle!
 The train that took us to our gate.
 A little nervous about leaving, but SUPER excited!
 My sweet Grandpa and Grandma Connie.  They traveled with us to Paris.  They were on their honeymoon!  WHOO WHOO!!!  Don't worry they stayed in a different hotel!
 Here we are waiting to board the plane.
 Getting ready to leave Seattle.  Here is where the butterflies really kicked in!
 We flew Iceland air.  The flight there wasn't too bad other than I thought my tookus might fall off by the end of the flight.  
 This was the last bit of light we enjoyed on the way there.  Beautiful, right?!
 This is Iceland
 And here we are coming into Paris!!!  Stay tuned for more installments of my trip!

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