Saturday, January 19, 2013

My European Adventure - Harry Potter Characters and Creatures

This was in the Great Hall.  These are some of the different school uniforms.
 These are Harry Potters school uniforms.
 Here is Hagrids outfit.  Did you know that during some shots Hagrids head is actually mechanical?
 Professor Flitwick
 These are some of the outfits worn to the ball in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
 Who can name whose wig this is?
 And can you guess who's costumes these belonged to?  And my family members that were there can't guess!  That would be cheating!
 These are Harry Potters outfits from the final 2 movies.  They progress from left to right from being clean and new to dirty, torn and tattered. 
 Who are these guys?
 The cloak of invisiblitly
 Sirius Black
 Professor Lupin and Tonks.  I love how they positioned them with her arm through his.
 More shots of Harry, Ron and Hermione.
 Snape in his potions class
 These are the dresses of Umbridge.  I thought it was interesting that as she gained power her dresses actually got pinker.
 A death eater.
And this was scary how realistic this looked.  Remember this from the last movies?  So so sad!
 And Harry Potter wouldn't be complete without some of its creatures.  Here is the phoenix, Fawkes.
 I'm not sure what to classify Fenrir Greyback as.  We'll go with creature.
 And here is poor Dobby.
 And here is the shell of Voldemort.  It is actually mechanical and breaths in and out.
 Harry's owl, Hedwig
 And here is buckbeak.  He is also mechanical and could move.  Pretty amazing all of the detail that went into every aspect of these movies.

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