Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

I searched and searched online to try and find the perfect pumpkin patch.  This was not it!  The directions online were horrible and took us probably and hour out of the way and when we did find it was right of the highway and didn't have quite the atmosphere I was going for.  But the kids had fun, I hope.
In search of the perfect pumpkin!

 She was so excited to find a pumpkin!  In fact every time we passed a pumpkin patch after this she yelled for pumpkin.

 My big strong man pushin' all the pumpkins.  What would we do without him?
 I LOVE the different one.  The greenish odd shaped one.  Yep! That's my favorite!
 And here was my attempt at a picture of my kids.  No easy feat with four kids.  Those of you that have more than one kid know what I'm talking about.
Attempt #1 
 #2 was a no go
 Attempt #3 NOPE!
 #4 and 
 #5 still not working.  Let's try a less sunny location and see if that helps.
 Attempt #6 What in the world?
 #7 Come on guys!!
 #9 Nope!
#10 And still a NO!!!
 #11 Well I guess 3 out of 4 isn't so bad!  We'll take it!!!
 What's sad is that this isn't even half of the photo attempts!  These were the cream of the crop!

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