Monday, January 28, 2013

Fall Leaves

Our first fall after moving, the kids were so excited to rake leaves.  The novelty quickly wore off, but I made sure to run out and take some pics before the excitement left.
Now look at that smile on her face.
There was actually some sibling "love" going on over who got which rake, but I forced this little one to smile anyways.  She complied.
Awww . . . there's the love!
 While taking these pictures you can be sure that I might be heard saying more than once, "Pretend that you love each other!"
 Now here is the real reason the girls wanted to rake.  Back at our old house we had only one small tree that produced maybe a total of 15 leaves.  And sadly, they would pile them up and jump in them only to find that they didn't cushion their knees the way they had hoped.  But now, at our new location, the leaves are plentiful so the pile of leaves was ample. 
 Here they are getting ready to jump!
 I don't think our youngest knew that this was supposed to be fun.
But look at those two girls faces. 
 Their leaf jumping dreams have been fulfilled!
And 1 jump was not enough for this little boy!
 Holding hands with his 3 sisters only slowed him down.  I think if he had been wearing his cape he might have reached mach 10.

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