Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My European Adventure - The London Tower

O.k.!  Moving on from Harry Potter . . . Here is the Tower of London!
 The Entrance
 Do you see the archers at the top of the wall protecting it?
 Can you spot one of the towers famous ravens?  It is believed that King Charles the second started the legend that says if the 6 resident ravens ever left the grounds the tower and kingdom would fall.  They currently have 7 ravens (the required 6 plus 1 spare!)
 Back in the day the street quite possibly could have been filled with sewage!  YUM!
 Many prisoners accused of treason are thought to have entered the castle through the gates of St. Thomas's Tower, better known as Traitors' Gate.  It was built between 1275 and 1279.  The King's barge would have been moored in the basin beneath the great archway.  In 1532 in was restored as part of the preparations for Queen Anne Boleyn's coronation procession. The procession began in 1533 and in less than 3 years the Queen would return . . . as a prisoner.
 London Bridge as seen from the Tower.
 Love the telephone booth
 This was one of the gift shops.  I love all the ivy growing over the top.
 This was our tour guide, other wise known as a Yeoman Warder or Beefeater.  They think the name beefeater comes from when they were required to try the Kings food first to make sure it wasn't poisoned.  He was very entertaining. 
 One of the queens guards standing outside the crown jewels.
 This is as far as I can take you to see the crown jewels.  Pictures were strictly prohibited!  And I mean strictly.  There were guards standing watch everywhere to make sure you didn't take any!  But what I can tell you is WOW!!  It puts any of my jewelry to shame! 
This is the famous white tower.  It was built to awe, subdue and terrify outsiders.

 This is an original Norman toilet.  It is one of six in the White Tower.
 This is one of the earliest know wall fireplaces in England and is one of four in the White Tower.  These fireplaces pre-dated chimney stacks so the smoke was allowed to escape through two holes in the side of the building through a flue built into the thickness of the wall.
 I have no idea what this was really!  Maybe it was made to scare off the ghosts that are said to roam the Tower of London.
 This was part of the armory.
 Look at this!  Back in 1974, a bomb that was placed in this room exploded and killed 1 person and injured 35 others.  This is some of the damage it did.
 It was kind of fun to see these guys walking around.  They were dressed in period clothes and they would answer any questions you might have.  They would also periodically put on little skits.
 A torture device.
 Henry the fifths sword
 His armor.
 Not to be perverted, but really!  Come on!
 I took this following picture for my girls who are obsessed with horses right now.
 And what trip would be complete without seeing an execution block including ax?  I know mine wouldn't, at least I'm sure thats what my dad wants me to think!

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