Thursday, January 10, 2013

My European Adventure - Rothenburg Food

I couldn't not blog about the food in Rothenburg.  That wouldn't be in my nature to not talk about food!
On our trip my dad told us he would pay for us to have one authentic meal in each city we visited.  This was that meal.  Look at how they set up the silverware.
 This is what I chose, wienerschnitzel.  It was highly delectable and this also must be replicated.  I squeezed some lemon on it and oh my . . . mmmmmm.....
 See . . . no problem finishing that meal.  Don't mind the lick marks on the plate?  Just kidding!
 This is my brothers very full and slightly in turmoil face over trying to decide if he has room for dessert.
 Yep!  There's room!  Apple strudel.  Actually this wasn't my favorite, but not horrible.
 Here we are at another Doner shop.  See how my dad's eating his.
 And how I am not!  How does this happen?
Unlike the pizza place in Nuremberg, my Doner finally game!  Hooray!
 And here we are leaving Rothenburg.
 I think Narnia is calling or at least thats what these two pictures remind me of.  But no!  We are not headed for Narnia.  We are headed to . . . Copenhagen, Denmark!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Yeah. That apple streudel was very disappointing. The stuff we had in Salzburg was oh so delectable unlike this one.


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