Sunday, January 20, 2013

My European Adventure - This is the last one I promise!

O.K.  I promise this is my last Harry Potter post!  Who knew I would take so many pictures there?  Lucky you, right?!  
Here are some of the letters Harry Potter received telling him that he had been accepted into Hogwarts.

Here are the floating candles.  At the beginning of filming the very first movie they actually had real candles filled with oil that were hanging by wire that could be removed later digitally, but when the candles were lit a couple of them actually broke free from the wire and landed on the tables below.  So for the safety of the actors they removed the candles and just added them in later digitally.
 Here is the mirror that would show you your deepest desires.  I can tell you that if I looked in that mirror it wouldn't show me in yoga pants and a work out shirt which is pretty much my everyday attire!
 And who could forget the fat lady.
 These are all the main wands from the films. 
The golden snitch.  I recently made truffles and sprayed them with edible gold paint to make them look like snitches.  They didn't look as cool as this one though.  Sure tasted better though, I'm sure!
The deluminator which is more than what it is in the first movie we come to find out later.
Tom Riddles Diary
 This is where Dumbledore held all of the thoughts for the pensieve.
 I couldn't show you the thought holder thingy without showing you the pensieve.
 The Tri Wizard Cup
 The golden egg that was part of the tri wizard tournament.
This was beautiful.  It's the ice sculpture that was at the ball in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of  Fire.
These were all of Umbridges' rules that Filch would have to hang up.
 This is Mad Eye Moody's broom in front of a green screen.  It's actually on a motor so it can be ridden!  How cool is that?!
 And this is the chest that Mad Eye Moody was locked in.
 Look at the detail on this door!
 Some of the sweeties.
 The Marauders Map
 Copies of the Quibbler
 This is the tapestry that hung in Sirius Blacks home.  Again the detail that went into each and every prop was and is incredible.
 A bunch of Harry Potter nuts on the night bus.
 Here are those same weirdos in the Weasley's flying car
 Here is the book used for Hagrids creatures class.  Do you remember how you are supposed to open it??
 Once opened, did you know it actually looked like this?
 More mechanical things
 This is the werewolf head that could sit on top of an actors head.
 Toward the end of the museum they had all of these incredible paintings of scenes throughout the various movies
 Before creating any of the structures they also created these amazing 3D mockups.
 Here is the Whomping Willow
 And at the very end they had a wand room.  Each and every person that had a hand in the making of the films had a wand box with there name on it.  So so many wand boxes.
 These 2 pictures don't even begin to give you an idea of how many there were.
O.k.  I've got the Harry Potter thing out of my system and I will move on! 

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