Thursday, January 17, 2013

My European Adventure - A Harry Potter Experience in London

The next few installments are going to be all things Harry Potter related.  If you don't like Harry Potter, I am sorry.  If you LOVE Harry Potter then ENJOY!!!  
While in London we were lucky enough to go to the Warner Brothers Studio that contains pretty much every Harry Potter artifact you can think of.  
 This is the special double decker bus that got us there.  And no, there wasn't a shrunken head at the front of the bus giving directions.  Nor were there beds.  I was most disappointed about that!
 Here we are!
 Wizard chess pieces directly outside the studio.
 This is an unrelated to Harry Potter note, but I spent a lot of time that morning straitening my hair and it had the nerve to be rainy/misting that day so my hair all turned to frizz.  It gets progressively awesomer (yes, I know that's not a word and yes, I am being sarcastic) as the pictures go on.
 The flying car.  Later I will show you a picture of us in the flying car.
 I loved all these pictures of the cast that lined the entry hall of the studio.

 This is the store that I spent WAY too much money in!  Totally worth it and I could have easily spent more if I didn't have to worry about fitting it all in my suitcase!
 And here is my guided audio tour.  Stay tuned for further Harry Potter installments.  You know you are excited even if you are to embarrassed to admit it.  I'm not, but maybe you are.  Either way is fine!  Just come back and check out the more of my Harry Potter pics later!

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