Monday, January 7, 2013

My European Adventure - Food in Nuremberg

What would my blog entries on Nuremberg be without one dedicated to food?  This is a picture of a doner.  Each doner shop makes them a little different, but each one is good in its own way.  They shave off the meat, think Brazilian BBQ, and then fill up this delicious bread pocket and top it with all sorts of yumminess!!!  So need to figure out how to recreate this!

 This is Europe's idea of ice in soda.  Do you see the one ice cube in there that is rapidly melting?
 This is apfelschorle.  Its a popular soft drink in Germany.  It kind of tastes like sparkling cider . . .  but not.  I liked it though!
 Now here is my dad enjoying his diner.
 Yep!  Still enjoying his dinner.
Do you see that sad face?  No dinner!
 Look!  She's sad too!  No dinner either!  Somehow our order was lost in translation and the only one that got to eat was our dad.
 Mmmmm... my dinner was good!  How was yours?  HAHAHAHA!!! --> That's my dad's evil laugh!
 This is a Nuremberger.  THIS WAS THE BEST!!!!  Again, I must recreate this!  It was served with curry ketchup and it was mighty tasty!
 I am not ashamed to admit that I lost count how many of these I ate!
 And this was bought for the train ride leaving Nuremberg.  Not as good as the pastries in Paris, but still tasty.

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