Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My European Adventure - The London Eye

This is the London Eye.  Pretty impressive, right?  Whats even more impressive though is the blue sky!
Hurry!  Look quick!  You might miss the blue sky!
 This thing is massive and moves VERY slow.  So slow in fact that they don't even stop it for you to get on and off.
 The views were amazing!
 Oh!  We are getting a bit higher!
 See that domed structure in the distance.  I'm pretty sure thats the building where the lady from Mary Poppins sings Feed the Birds.  I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

 And then it started to rain!  It's a good thing you looked at that piece of blue sky when you did.  It didn't last long.
 It's a bummer that it started raining.  It made the rest of my photos look all smudgy.
 Here we are at the top on our way back down.
 Another view from the top.
 I wish I had something clever to insert here, but I don't sadly.  
I'm almost coming to a close with my Europe entries.  One or two left!  What will I blog about next?!

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