Saturday, January 12, 2013

My European Adventure - A Restroom, The Christus, and What Else . . . Food

While in Copenhagen we saw this sign and I couldn't help but take a picture.
Here is the bathroom.  There was actually someone in there and was going to try and take a picture all discreet like, but I wasn't fast enough with my camera.   I wanted to show you how much of a "public" restroom it was.  Oh well!  
 The sunset was quite beautiful though.  It was a brief moment when it wasn't raining that I was able to snap these photos. 
 I'm pretty sure I remember one of saying, "Hurry up and grab your camera!  It stopped raining!"
 Here we are at the Vor Frue Church.  This is where the Thorvaldsen statues of the Christus and the Twelve Apostles stand.  

 Here is Peter.  Do you see how he is holding keys?  These are very symbolic.  Back in 1976 during an area general conference President Kimball of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints visited this very church while in Denmark.  While talking with the custodian that was on duty at the time he bore his testimony regarding Peter and those very keys.  “I want you to tell everyone in Denmark that I hold the keys! We hold the real keys, and we use them every day.  These are the dead Apostles.  Here we have the living Apostles. Elder Packer is an Apostle. Elder Thomas S. Monson and Elder L. Tom Perry are Apostles, and I am an Apostle. We are the living Apostles.
 I am grateful for the knowledge I have that we have living apostles on the earth that give us guidance from the Lord in our day.  How blessed we are!
 On a completely different topic I had to write a little something about the food in Copenhagen.  We really didn't have an authentic meal while we were there.  Most of our meals were in a rush to get out of the rain so that translated to pizza or Burger King.  Not to mention that food was SUPER expensive, so anyway to keep cost down was a bonus.
 I did happen to find a Danish bakery and so I couldn't resist picking up one of these.  It was a sweet roll with chocolate chips.  It was DELISH!!

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