Monday, January 7, 2013

My European Adventure - Random Happenings in Nuremberg

This is a picture I took crossing over a bridge into the old part of Nuremberg.  I LOVED the old part of this city and I LOVED that our hotel was in the old part as well.
 They had these open markets lining the streets and we were fortunate enough while we were there that over the weekend they had an open market fair with lots of different things being sold and of course, FOOD!!!!
This is St. Lorenzkirche in the old town.

This is an interesting part of Nuremberg.  This is and was such a prized piece of Nuremberg that during the war they actually built a bunker around it to protect it from incoming bombs.
Surrounding the structure is a gate and at the gate there are gold rings attached.  It is said that you will receive good luck by spinning the ring.  I figured I can use all the luck I can get so spin the ring I did!
 More underground travel for us

This was in one of the stations underground.  Kind of gives you a layout of the city.

Hmm... hungry or tired?  Maybe both!

One thing I was not a fan of in Europe was all of the smoking.  It was overwhelming at times.  They had these vending machines everywhere.
 I have NO IDEA what this was about.  Some random guy dressed up as a plant.
 And what trip to Germany would be complete without trying on lederhosen.  He may or may not have purchased some.  He may or may not have worn them Christmas morning!
 Ever have buyers remorse.  Well, currently I am having non buyers remorse.  I totally should have bought this dirndl.   I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money at the time, but SOOOO wish I had!

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