Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My European Adventure - Skansen in Stockholm

While in Stockholm, Sweden we were able to visit Skansen.  Skansen is a sort of museum and a zoo rolled into one.  The museum part is pretty cool.  They have created a 19th century town where craftsman dress up and show their skills.  The zoo was limited as to how many animals it had but it was still fun to see.  Plus, my dad can now say that he has taken his children to a zoo.  He couldn't say that before this!  Pretty cool that the zoo he finally took us to was in Sweden!

 Here is the bakery.  You can actually buy the pastries here.  If I recall correctly we got some sort of cinnamon sugar donut thing.  Mmmm.... YUM!!!  There I go talking about food again!
 Everything in the bakery was very beautiful though!
 This was a furniture making shop.  People were actually in there doing their thing in period clothing.  So cool!
 Here is a wood carver.  It was so amazing to watch him do this.  
 Maybe someday I can learn to do that.  Probably not, but maybe!
 This is a Lingastenen or Rune stone.  The Vikings used these stones for their written alphabet.  There are more than 2500 rune stones in Sweden.  Most of them date back to the 11th century toward the end of the Viking period.  Rune stones were made as memorials to close relatives who had died in foreign lands or to mark an important event such as the construction of a bridge.
 I love these fences.  These were all over Sweden.
 There were peacocks roaming free all throughout Skansen.
 You could get so close to them.
 This is a little friend I made.  He would actually talk to me.  I would whistle and he would whistle back.  I would sigh and he would sigh in reply.  I wanted to take him home so bad, but I don't think I would have made it through customs.
 The bears gave us quite the show.  These two were fighting over the right to stand on this particular log.
 This guy needed a good back scratch
 And I'm not sure what this guy was trying to do.  He would climb this thing several times and fall with a big thud before giving up on whatever it was he was trying to accomplish.
 Beautiful view of Stockholm.
 And what trip to Sweden would it be without a picture of a moose.
 Skansen sits on around 75 acres and a lot of it is very, very beautiful.  I'm not sure if it was that way just because it was fall and all of the changing leaves, but I bet it's equally as lovely at any other time of year.
 This lamp post reminded me of the lamp in Chronicles of Narnia.  What say you?

 This is a Milstolpe or a Milestone.  This one is dated 1666.  In the middle of the 17th century the government decreed that milestones should be set up at regular intervals on all major roads in Sweden.  Country governors were responsible for building roads and making the milestones.  Local farmers were obliged to keep the roads in a state of repair.
 Look at those colors!  OUTSTANDING!!!
 O.K.!  Not to end this post on a sour note, but this hot chocolate I bought was probably the worst thing I had the entire trip!  It had a skim on the top and then if you removed the skim and let it set for any length of time it would develop another skim.  I was sooo cold in Sweden and hot chocolate sounded so good.  I didn't buy lunch because this was sooo expensive and it turned out to be a total flop!  Looks good in the picture, but I can assure you it was not!

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