Monday, January 7, 2013

My European Adventure - View from a Castle

After church on Sunday, we decided to take a little jaunt up to the castle.  This was just a few steps from our hotel that starts you on your journey to the castle.
These are the steps that again, lead you up to the castle.
This lets you know a little about the castle.
Not to the top of the castle yet.  Actually, this is half-way up this HUGE hill that, guess what?  Leads you up to the castle.  I had to stop for a brief moment, not because I was out of breath or anything like that!  I had to take a picture!  O.K.  Maybe I was a little out of breath.
In case you can't see it that marker says 1503.  That's pretty old!  Almost as old as my dad!  Just kidding!
Doesn't it look like Rupunzel should open that window and throw down her golden locks to let in the prince.
Before you reach the top of the castle they had these beautiful gardens in an open courtyard.

Who are those weirdos?
This was a courtyard outside the entrance to the castle.  We didn't end up going in cause none of us wanted to pay, but we did sit down outside for a bit.  It was very pretty and peaceful.  Plus, remember that big hill?  I think we were still recovering.  I'm pretty sure I remember my dad saying he wished there was a gelato stand in the courtyard cause that would have made it PERFECT!  Alas, there was not.

This is the view from the castle.  Not bad, eh?  I am pretty sure that our next house should be a castle.  Minus the hill!!!

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