Monday, January 14, 2013

My European Adventure - Gavunda

Here is when things get sad.  Upon arriving in Gavunda, Sweden I developed a case of the flu.  I was so excited for this portion of the trip and I can hardly remember what happened.  So this blog post might seem slightly cloudy as was my mind at the time of the visit.  When not sleeping at our cousins summer house I ventured out and saw a few of the ancestral sites.  I think that the picture below used to be a church.  Not to sure if thats accurate, but I'll go with it!

Upstairs is a VERY small apartment that a family of 5 lived in.  We are talking VERY VERY small.
 There was not running water or a bathroom up there so you would have to walk down these stairs to take care of either of these things.  Now look at these stairs.  There are a lot of them and they are super steep and narrow.
 Look how narrow they are!  They don't even fit the length of your foot!
 What I do remember very well was how beautiful it was there!  Gorgeous!!!
 This is a picture of our cousin.  She was so incredibly kind.  She fed us AMAZING food which I wish I got a picture of, but didn't!  LAME!!!  We had pork roast, stew with elk meet (I think), and waffles!  Lots and lots of waffles!!!  I had been craving waffles the whole time I had been on the trip and somehow she just knew!  AWESOME!!!
 I think these are a pair of old snow shoes!
 This is a friend of our cousins.  He showed us this workshop and how some of the tools were used.
 I wish I could of taken one of these old buckets home.  They were all wood and beautiful!
This is the old train station.

 In the summer during Gavunda's festival, they put these bikes on the old abandoned railroad tracks.  Too bad they weren't up and running when we were there.  No matter!  I probably wouldn't have felt like it anyways.
 This was our relatives home.  I think it was our great great grandfather's home.  Again, things are a little fuzzy.  It could be plus or minus a great.

 Check out this well.  Do you think it would pass safety inspections today?
 The home inside was very small, but they made sure to include this loom.
 Do you see that bed?  Super small and by small I mean short.  I am 5 foot 2 and I would of had to scrunch my legs to fit.
 I thought this tapestry inside the home was pretty amazing.
Check out the foundation on this structure.

 "Rock" solid, right?!

This was the local school house.  It reminded me of Anne of Green Gables.

 The school house had an apartment attached to the side.  The previous teacher or teachers must not have cooked ever cause the stove looked like it was never used.

 View from the school house.
 I loved this sign in the school house.  Do not take the Lords name in vain!  I'm not sure what the rest says.  Sorry!
 This was our relatives summer home.
This is a view of the old church.
 And this is a view from the church.

Inside the church.  So charming!

There is a story behind this, but sadly I can't remember.  So annoying that I can't remember.  I do remember that it was a cool story.  I just don't remember the details!

 This is a maypole. 
 Here is a traditional boat that was used to get to the church.  There is a lot of water around Gavunda and the villages surrounding Gavunda and so they would use these boats to get to the church for special occasions.
 One thing I wanted to do while in Sweden was to get a Mora horse.  So when we said goodbye to our cousin, her wonderful hospitality, and Gavunda we headed for Mora.  But guess what?  Mora didn't have any horses.  Thankfully we found this factory that makes them just outside of Mora and we decided to stop in.

 We almost didn't get to buy our Mora horses due to ALL of our cards not working.  My dad's, sisters, and mine all were rejected!  Then my mom came to the rescue and hers thankfully worked!

Um . . . yeah!  Don't mess with my sister when she's tired!  I think she's going to try out for the show Walking Dead.  Do you think she'd make the cut?  I do!  I was scared for my life!

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