Friday, January 11, 2013

My European Adventure - Copenhagen and First Impressions

O.K.  Let me start out by saying that I am sure that Copenhagen is a lovely place.  However, my experience there was not as lovely as I would have hoped.  There were some good parts, but mostly not so good.  I will tell you why.  Here is the train station we arrived at.  When we arrived it was late and raining.  We had been traveling ALL day, hopping from train to train and plane to plane to arrive in Copenhagen.  So we were tired!  REAL tired!
Here is our hotel.  Doesn't look so bad from the outside.  That's where they get you!  We got into our room that smelled of rotten eggs.  No amount of airing it out would get rid of the smell.  I don't even want to think about why it smelled like that.  My parents room was even better.  It was pretty much the size of a walk in closet and I am pretty sure that there were blood stains on the carpet!  AWESOME!  But here's the best part.  We had to walk a million blocks that night to find the closest laundry mat to do our laundry in the morning.  And guess what?  Our hotel . . . I'm pretty sure . . . was on porn row!  Every other store was a porn shop!  No exaggeration!  Again, AWESOME!!!  My favorite part of that night was when we were walking down porn row, in the dark, in the rain, for forever and my dad suggests we ladies stand on the CORNER while he and my brother go ahead to see if they can find it.  Hmmm..... 3 ladies + standing on the corner + nighttime + porn row . . . I'll let you do the math!  Needless to say, we ignored his suggestion and kept walking!
This is a famous statue in Copenhagen.  They are called the lure blowers.  It is said that when a virgin passes by they will sound the horns.  Lets just say that no horns have been heard by the lure blowers.
The next morning we got up at 5:30ish to go do our laundry.  We grabbed our stuff and headed out into the dark morning, with it still raining, to walk the blocks and blocks to the laundry mat.  However, upon arriving we found that the laundry mat doesn't have a change machine.   WHAT???!!!!  So we had to walk all the way back, past the hotel, to this 7 eleven.  Upon asking for change so we could do laundry, the clerk thought we were asking for a handout.  Yeah, we looked slightly homeless I guess.  Finally, we got him to understand we just wanted to exchange bills for change.  OY!!!
 Then we went back to the this lovely place.  By the way, laundry was SUPER expensive.  Like really expensive!  But we continued on in the pursuit of good hygiene. 
Thankfully we all had our iPads.  We were there for HOURS!
 On a funnier note, this is what they call the book "The Help" in Denmark.  I thought that was picture worthy!

 We were supposed to go to Tivoli while in Copenhagen but guess what . . . it was closed!!  Add that to the list of the awesomeness of Copenhagen.
 In order to get a better picture of Copenhagen we decided to take a boat tour.  This might have been cool if it wasn't freezing, raining, and I didn't feel sick.

 This was on the other side of the main part of Copenhagen.  Apparently this is where the hippies live.
 Another disappointment.  See that picture below.  That is one of the things Copenhagen is known for, The Little Mermaid.  And via the boat ride all we got to see was her back!  LAME!  See how happy those people are on land that get to see her from the front.  I can assure you I didn't look that happy from the boat.  Actually you probably wouldn't be able to see my face at all because it was completely covered trying to stay warm.
 This part was kind of cool.  This is where the Royals live.  See the flag up top.  They were home that day!
 We were fortunate enough to see the changing of the guards.  
 Do you think they have to train themselves not to laugh when they are standing that close to each other?  I'm pretty sure I would fail that test.  
I will try and post some positive thing about Copenhagen in my next post . . . if I can find any!  Just kidding!

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