Sunday, January 6, 2013

My European Adventure - Part 8 Nuremberg

This is the documentation center or doku center in Nuremberg, Germany.  The permanent exhibition "Fascination and Terror" looks at the causes, the context and the consequences of the National Socialist  
reign of terror.  It takes you through how the Nazi party came to power and how it was allowed to do what it did.  

By the time I finished walking through the doku center I found myself slightly scared, no, very scared.  The similarities between the leader in the picture below and a certain political leader we have in office today were far to close for my liking.
There really wasn't a whole lot on those that lost their lives in the Doku center, but there was this monument.  Very, very sad!
Along the railroad tracks were these cards with the names of the lives that were lost.
After the Doku center we decided to walk around the lake to get to Zeppelin field. 

Here we are at Zeppelin field.

 Comforting, right?!
Here is my dad standing in the spot where Hitler would address thousands of people.
 Back in the day, this is what it would of looked like looking out over Zeppelin field.

 Following Zeppelin field we decided to walk to where they held the Nuremberg Trials.
 My dad being an attorney was in heaven seeing this very court room.
 These windows had to completely covered up during the trials.
 This was inside the courtroom.  There is a lot of symbolism in this carving.  To bad I don't remember all of it.  I remember Adam and Eve and Medusa, but thats about it!
 Because all of those windows were closed up they had to bring in extra lighting and this is the extra power board that was designed for all the extras.
 These are only some of the men that were on trial.  What was most interesting and scary to me is that these men that were on trial were highly educated and yet they were slowly, over time, made to believe that what they were doing was ethical.  It is so vital for us to not only remember the lives that were lost but also how it came to be.  Hitler didn't just start doing what he did.  He slowly got the people to trust him and believe in him.  They followed him blindly without knowing what was happening until it was too late.  They thought what he was trying to do was right, but it was wrong!  So wrong!

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