Saturday, January 26, 2013


Just as a heads up, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday!  So I usually end up forgetting to take their picture until the very end.  Then at the very end of the festivities I can be heard saying, "DANG IT!!!!  I forgot to take your pictures!  Hurry . . . line up!!!  So our Halloween pictures are never super awesome.  But for your viewing pleasure here is our little witch.
 And a member of the SWAT team.
 A very fancy kitty cat.
 Look out!  Here is a very scary vampire. 
 Are these four kiddos not super cute?  I know I'm biased, but come on!
 Every year, even though I am not a fan of Halloween, I like to do a Halloween dinner.  I don't spend a lot.  I usually just go to the dollar store and come up with stuff there.   Halloween plates and cups, eyeball candy, spider rings, etc.  
 Funny thing!  I've never dealt with dry ice before, but I didn't realize that it needs to be kept in a sealed container.  Um, duh!  So the day after it was purchased I pulled it out of the freezer to find the package empty!  LAME!!! So my hubby made a quick dash to the store and bought some more.
 This year for our special dinner I made snake calzones.  I just painted them with green food coloring.  Mmmm...they were some tasty snakes!  Highly recommend snake calzones for Halloween next year.

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