Monday, December 31, 2012

My European Adventure - Part 1 Getting There

Since my brother received his mission call to Germany, my dad has been planning his trip to Europe once my brothers mission was over.  As my brothers mission was coming to an end, my amazing father offered to pay for me to go since I had never been before.  How could I turn that down?  Three weeks in Europe!!!!  Um....Hello?!  So once the offer was made I went off to get my passport.   Here are some pics from the start of our journey.
Here we are on the shuttle to the airport.  My hubby said I should tell my dad that I forgot my passport just as we arrived at the airport.  I decided giving my dad a heart attack before we got off the ground wouldn't be the best start to our trip
 Goodbye Seattle!
 The train that took us to our gate.
 A little nervous about leaving, but SUPER excited!
 My sweet Grandpa and Grandma Connie.  They traveled with us to Paris.  They were on their honeymoon!  WHOO WHOO!!!  Don't worry they stayed in a different hotel!
 Here we are waiting to board the plane.
 Getting ready to leave Seattle.  Here is where the butterflies really kicked in!
 We flew Iceland air.  The flight there wasn't too bad other than I thought my tookus might fall off by the end of the flight.  
 This was the last bit of light we enjoyed on the way there.  Beautiful, right?!
 This is Iceland
 And here we are coming into Paris!!!  Stay tuned for more installments of my trip!

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