Saturday, March 23, 2013

Worlds Best Mom Award Goes To . . .

Not me! Let me explain . . . 
Today, I woke up and this is what I saw! Beautiful, I know. But here is where the sarcasm comes into to play with my blog title for today. None of my kids have snow gear.  None of them! What is the matter with me?! Here is my justification for not having the proper gear for snow. We just don't get it that often and when we do happen to get snow it doesn't last for very long. Rain boots . . . check.  Rain coat . . . definitely! But absolutely not one piece of snow stuff. But did that stop my kids. No way!

See this poor little girl! All she had was this coat that technically doesn't even belong to her, her rain boots, and not gloves or hat. So sad! Some of my kids resorted to putting socks on their hands to try and keep their hands warm only to find out they get wet very quickly. AWESOMEST MOM AWARD RIGHT HERE!!!
 But here's what I'm talking about. After a dumping of about 4 inches it cleared up by noon and was almost gone by 4 in the afternoon. So I'm still trying to decide if I should run out and see if there are any clearance snow gear items at Target or not.  Hmm...maybe I'll go for 2 years in a row of the AWESOMEST MOM AWARD.

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