Monday, March 4, 2013

First Aid Family Night

Tonight for family night we decided to have a first aid family night.  Not only was this a good idea to learn the basics of first aid, but we also earned another badge for Frontier Girls.  That's a win win in my book.  First we went through our first aid kit and discussed what each and every item was and how to use it.  We also learned how to do a 2 person carry.  This was probably the funnest part of the night.  This is my hubby showing the girls how to properly position their hands.

And here is attempt number 1 . . .

Lets see how this goes . . .

 Let's try that again!
Here we go!
 Hooray!! They did it!!!
 And let's not forget to give Piglet a lift!  I think my girls need to lift weights though.  I'm slightly kidding.  I mean they could barely go a few steps without their arms shaking.  Lets all pray that in an emergency situation the person they might have to carry weighs less than 10 pounds.
 We also talked about important phone numbers and did a pretend 911 phone call where my hubby was the 911 operator and Babe was the caller.  In our pretend call apparently Honey had fallen down the stairs and couldn't move and hadn't been talking for an hour.  Maybe we should talk about being a little faster with emergency situations.  :)  I also created an important phone numbers list to put right next to the phone so they always know where to find it.  Here is a link to the one I created if you would like to use it!  I'm going to print it on cardstock and then laminate it so it can be a little more durable, seeing as it will end up in the kitchen next to the phone. Hope this gives your family a little inspiration when it comes to first aid, cause you never know when you are going to need it!

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