Saturday, March 16, 2013

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Today we got to celebrate this cutie's birthday. We got to go to the zoo. We were worried that we would get rained out cause there was a 90% chance of rain, but we totally lucked out!
Isn't she SUPER cute?!
First off we met up with the cousins at the penguin place.  This heron was hanging out amongst the penguins.
And this is probably why . . . FEEDING TIME!!!  We again were SUPER lucky cause we were able to see the penguins feeding time.  Did you know that all the penguins have names and that guy knows them all?  I sure didn't!
 Piglet was a little apprehensive about the animals, but quickly warmed up.
 Look how pretty this kitty is.

 One of my favorite parts was seeing the lion cubs. This is Piglet watching them play.
 They were so active and cute.  Look at that mama kitty.  She just paced back and forth watching over her cubs.
 Awww . . .  LOVE!
 This little boy was so sweet! He wanted nothing more than to be right next to Porkchop most of the time.  Look at him watching him.  It makes me almost want to have another baby so Porkchop could maybe have a little brother . . . but only almost!
 Here's Piglet being apprehensive again but this time about the elephants.  

 These kids had such a great time despite the colder temps and wind.

 I am totally loving being close to family now so they get to have these fun experiences with cousins.

 These are the hippos.  This is how I look and feel most days.

 The kids were a little bummed that the petting portion of the zoo wasn't open yet, but they still got to get up and close to a cow, chickens and goats.

 For some reason this was Piglets favorite animal, the flamingos. 

 To finish our zoo experience we went to this awesome indoor park and just let the kids run and explore.
 They even had animal shaped blocks for the littles.

 I think they all had a GREAT time.  They slept all the way home.  In fact, to let them sleep longer, my hubby dropped me off at 2 separate stores while he continued to drive around the parking lot. Worked like a charm!

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  1. I loved this day! Thanks for coming! I also LOVE the last pic of your kids zonked. That is awesome!


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