Sunday, March 3, 2013

Handwriting Help

In my years of homeschooling I have learned something very profound.  Girls and boys learn very differently.  All of my girls love to color and can sit still long enough to do so.  My son will scribble as fast as he can on the page to say that he "colored" it and then go off and run around the house saving the world.  Because of this he has had a terrible time learning how to hold his pencil correctly.  So when we started working on writing his name and letters we were both getting so frustrated.  He just wasn't getting that muscle memorization thing down.   That was until I found these . . .

I was in Target (where else) and randomly found these!  These saved both of us!  You slip this over your pencil, like any other pencil grip, but these have special little symbols on them.  These little symbols tell you exactly where to put your fingers.  After just a few uses he didn't have to use them again and he can now hold his pencil perfectly every time without any reminders to fix the way he's holding it.  Look at him now!!!  It might seem like a small feat, but to us it's HUGE!!!  It's opened up a whole new door of writing for him.  He can't wait to do his school work everyday and he's really improving on his penmanship.
He's still wearing his cape though, ready to save the day.  As soon as his writing is done he'll be off to save the world once again!

In case you're interested here is a link to the pencil grips I found
I think we're going to have to move on to big boy grips now!

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