Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-Zumbatomic

Disclaimer: This is my first time linking up to another blog so I have NO idea what I'm doing but here goes nothing!
Today the kids got to dance for the YMCA's invest in youth dinner.  It was a pretty big to do and I know I should have taken more pictures of my older kids, but this little one really stole the show.  Here she is getting pumped up before the performance.

Ice cream . . . free of charge, courtesy of the YMCA!
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  1. She is SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!!! You should put her in ballet or something. I can imagine all the cute shows now... Thanks for sharing the cuteness! Made me smile. :D

  2. Thanks Janice! We think she's pretty cute, but then again we partial! I definitely need to think about putting her in some more dance classes though. She LOVES it!


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