Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How I Teach My Kids to Read

This is how I have taught my first two kids how to read and what I am currently using with my third kiddo.  I LOVE IT!!!!  The pages on our copy are tattered and worn and well loved.  All of my kids when it's their turn to learn ask everyday to read from these pages.  How can I say no?  I really feel that learning to read this way has made the scriptures more assessable for my kids. I have to admit that for me when I was a kid the scriptures somewhat intimidated me and I didn't want my kids to feel that way.   This has been an answer to that concern. 
It starts with basic sight words and each chapter is broken up into sections.  With each new chapter comes new sight words as well as new consonants and blends to work on.  Right now, working with Porkchop, every time we finish a section he says, "That wasn't so long mom!"  He also wants to keep reading because he can't wait for the new words he gets to learn.  So much excitement in learning how to read and it's revolving around our Saviors teachings.   What more could I ask for?  Maybe a book that gets my kids excited to clean . . . Hmmm . . .  is there such a thing out there?  I would totally buy it!  

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