Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Train

Today we went on a bit of a drive up north to go on an Easter Train. It's really just this SUPER old train that they do different holiday events on.
Look who's coming up the tracks! It looks like a bunny!

 The ceilings in the train cars were so incredibly tall. I mean, I'm short and all, but these were really tall.

 Aren't you glad we have the technology of air conditioning in todays day and age. Can you imaging this being the only thing to cool you down on a hot summers day trapped in a train car with tons of other people? No thank you!

 This is the conductor.  He actually owns and operates this whole train system. Pretty amazing.
 This is when the train started moving. The kids had never been on a train before so they were pretty excited.
 We were probably moving at about 5 mph, maybe, and went just a few miles to this open field. They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
 They did an easier one for the littles and then a more difficult one for the olders.
 Toward the back of the field and just beyond a small trail was this beautiful waterfall.
 So pretty!

 We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. It was a little chilly, but otherwise wonderful.
 And on our train ride back this dude played his banjo while we sang along to songs like "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and "You are my sunshine." I may have embarrassed my family slightly by my enthusiasm. It's not my fault though! They just can't handle my sheer awesomeness! 

 We had a great time and now I think we need to take the kids on an Amtrak or something like that so they can see how fast a newer train goes. Anyways, I highly recommend this if you have something similar close by. 

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