Sunday, March 17, 2013

St.Patricks Day

Here's the table scape for our St. Patricks Day dinner.

Pretty much everything on the table is from the dollar store, minus the silverware.  Gotta love the dollar store!

WARNING!!! When dying all your food green wear gloves or be prepared to look like your changing into the Hulk.

We had sort of a strange array of food this year. 
Green waffles . . .

Four leaf clover pasta (this wasn't planned, but I found it at World Market and HAD to pick it up) . . .

and green hash browns.
Every year I do this for the kids and every year the kids act surprised and LOVE it!

 After dinner I told the kids to go upstairs while the hubby and me made the treat. This little one didn't want to go.  She wanted to watch. This is her impatiently waiting for her mint milkshake.

Here's the shake!  Mmmm.... with rainbow sprinkles!

Happy St.Patricks Day everyone! May your upcoming week be full of good luck!

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