Saturday, April 27, 2013

Temple Square

While in Utah, we decided to spend a day in Salt Lake City. While there we went to temple square. We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was BEAUTIFUL!
I really wanted to get a family picture in the traditional spot in front of the temple, but this was the best we could get. There was a couple doing their wedding photos so we had to hurry and snap a picture.
The kiddos in front of the reflection pool.

 This was something new that I hadn't seen. They made this model of the temple allowing those that can't go inside to see what it looks like in the temple.

 We totally lucked out visiting the tabernacle. There was a lady practicing the organ so we got to hear the beautiful music she was playing and then they did a brief demonstration on the acoustics of the tabernacle. Without the help of a microphone they ripped a piece of newspaper and dropped a few strait pins and a nail to show how perfect the structure allows the sound to travel. Truly amazing!
 Following the tabernacle, we went to see the Christus Statue. 

For some reason my uncle felt like I should want to take a picture of him and not my children. He was wrong! :)
 Awww....Family moment!
 And here is one more picture of the beautiful weather. I took a few "weather" pictures so when I get  back to our rainy home I can look back and maybe soak up a little Vitamin D from these pictures. :)

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