Monday, April 15, 2013

J.R.Tolken's The Hobbit Family Night

We are part of a book club and we have read 3 books in this club, but this time was actually the first time we could get together since every other time someone was always sick. But not this time and we were super excited! The book we read this time was The Hobbit. My kids loved this book and are hoping mom and dad say they can watch the movie. The answer right now is "we'll see!" The are not a fan of that answer! So the family that hosted had some AWESOME activities planned. First we solved some riddle because of course Gollum loved riddles. Then we made maps with hidden messages.
The kids drew their maps and then lightly drew a message with vaseline and then we used a black light to see the message. Pretty cool!

Then the kids made clay dragons.
Porkchops favorite part was decorating his with glitter. I'm pretty sure he dumped most of it all over him instead of his dragon. At least that's what it looked like!
And this is his finished dragon. See what I mean about the glitter. He maybe got a little carried away! What do you think?
Piglet wanted me to make a cute pink dragon. So she patiently watched as I formed the dragons body. Then together we placed jewels down the dragons back. It was a lovely mother daughter bonding moment, until . . .
She decided she wanted to make snowballs! Such a sad end for the cute pink dragon.
 This was Babe's. She put green wings on hers but the are folded down because he was resting.
And this was Honey's. I thought it turned out SUPER cute! It didn't survive the ride home very well, but she has plans to revive him tomorrow! Thanks so much to our hosting book club family for a very fun night!

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