Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Snapshots

Part of the fun for our kids living by both sets of grandparents is getting to do most holidays twice. It's somewhat exhausting for us parents, but our kids LOVE it! So here is easter egg hunt #1.
Piglet was so excited to look for eggs this year. This is the first egg she found. She's even telling me "Look Mom! 1 egg!"
We were watching our nephews while their parents were moving so we got to do the big hunt with them too. This cute boy didn't want to even look at the camera. He was to excited to see what was in his eggs. So cute!
The hard part about being older and doing these egg hunts with little kids is knowing when to stop hunting and let the little kids find the rest.

How awesome is his face! So much excitement over a jellybean.

And you can't have easter without dying eggs, right?! Well I suppose you can, but it's tradition!
Piglet kept trying to crack her egg on the rim of the cup. You can tell she was with us during our cooking co-op lesson on eggs! She finally figured it out though.
We used koolaid this year to dye our eggs. Some family members didn't think the colors were as bright as the little packets you get at the store, but I liked them cause they didn't stink like vinegar.
And EVERY year my dad does his token egg and EVERY year he draws a Starship Enterprise with white crayon before putting it in the dye. 
The following day we had easter egg hunt #2. Actually it was # 3.  We did a small one in the morning, but I was far too tired to take pictures and I'm pretty sure that if anyone saw what my kids looked like in the morning they would think that they were ferrel children and we would be turned into CPS. Just kidding . . . kind of! :)
This is a picture of Porkchop finding the golden egg. 
Here's Piglet shaking the eggs just to make sure there's something inside.
 Oh look! Babe found one too!

 This is the final haul! 131 eggs in all! Amazing! I can't take credit for this though. It was all my mom and sister. They even found big carrot shaped easter eggs and gave each of the kids 5 bucks! WHAT??!!!  Next year, I want in on the easter egg hunt! I'm just saying!
Aside from all the easter egg hunts, it was a great Easter with amazing food and family and a great Sunday at church reflecting on the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ who suffered all, that we might live again.

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