Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seattle Art Museum

So today we had the privilege of attending the Seattle Art Museum, otherwise known as the SAM.
This is a landmark in Seattle apparently. However in all my years I have lived here I have never noticed it. All you Seattle locals, please don't make fun!
This is what happens when you show up early to an art museum in Seattle. The doors are locked and it's raining, windy, and cold. FYI, I don't suggest showing up early to an art museum.
 These are some of our homeschool friends. We were waiting for our museum docent to give us our tour.
 This was an interesting exhibit. It's an artists depiction of a car explosion. So the car is seen flying and flipping through the air with fireworks or explosions coming out of the car.
 Now here is the lame part of the trip. They have these paintings of these AMAZING artists and they wouldn't let you take ANY pictures. Not even with no flash! Whats up with that?! At the Louvre in France you can take as many pictures as you want, but the Seattle Art museum is a no go. Not cool for a blogger! And on our tour we were only were able to see a select few of the paintings. If I could do it again I would go without kids and rent an audio tour and take my time. There really was some amazing art work.  Just sad I couldn't take pictures of it.
 After our tour of the European Masters exhibit the kids were given a portrait art lesson. They could either do a self portrait or try and do a portrait of the model(which happened to be one of the moms on the field trip).

 Here is the artist giving the kids the lesson. She was very talented and did a great job teaching the kids about proportion and facial feature placement. I loved watching all of these kids in our group and how different all of their paintings turned out. They all did an amazing job!

All my kids had a GREAT time and learned some new skills about painting portraits. They came home and all they wanted to do was create more and more portraits. I think thats a pretty successful art field trip if you ask me! 
And before I sign off I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the amazing homeschool mom that organized this. Thank you, Thank you!!!

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