Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Reason to Make Your Own Cleaners

So I have been making my own home cleaners for quite awhile now and finding this tid bit of info has made me feel even better about my decision. I don't know if you've seen or maybe even use a product called 7th Generation, but they promote themselves as being a "natural" based product and non-toxic.  Well check out what I found. They use a preservative called methylisothiazolinone and its in their hand wash and dish soap. Methylisothiazolinone is a NEUROTOXIN that is absorbed through the skin and it can cause neurological damage to a fetus in utero and cause all kinds of allergic reactions. Um... NO THANK YOU!!! If this is whats in the more expensive and more "natural" cleaning products I don't even what to begin to think what's in the cheaper stuff and what it could do to my family and myself. I'll just stick to my homemade stuff with essential oils and call it a day!

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  1. I agree. Even the most "natural" stuff has "stuff" in it. Love me some doTERRA!


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