Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Playing Catch Up

My family is probably going to fall over seeing that I'm updating the old blog, but I'm thinking with us being so far away it would probably be a good thing to do. So I'm going back to July, cause even with pictures it's about as far back as my memory will allow. Maybe that's another reason I need to be doing this so that I can remember!
This was the 4th of July!
 We had the opportunity to go to an event called colonial days. It's pretty amazing! They had a whole park set with various booths and everyone that was working or volunteering was wearing period clothing. Most of the booths were very hands on and the kids had a great time. Here is the school that the kids got to attend.

 We were also able to visit the printing press and were able to purchase a copy of the constitution. Some day when I'm feeling ambitious I will get it framed and hang it in our homeschool room.
 Some of the volunteers reenacted the red coats attacking the colonists.
 My kiddos aren't very fond of super load noises. This is them getting ready for them to fire the canon.

 They had a lot of different animal skins. This one that Porkchop is standing next to is a bear. We even got to watch then prep and skin a deer. It was pretty stinky.
 They also had a chance to carry water buckets across the lawn. I think the kids were a little more grateful for plumbing so they don't have to do this as a daily chore. But I don't know! I'm thinking this might be good for them. I might have to set something up in the backyard so they can learn "real" work! :)
Other than being kind of warm, it was an amazing experience that I hope we get to do again!

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