Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I know there are a ton of blog posts out there about painting your kitchen cabinets, but I'm posting this anyways cause I'm just so darn happy with how they turned out!
 Our cabinets were not horrible, but they were just your standard builder grade oak. Plus there are a million different wood finishes throughout the house so it was driving me CRAZY!!! There is also not a lot of natural light in our kitchen so I knew when we moved in they would need to be white to help reflect for light.
This is after the first coat of primer. Can I just tell you how terrified I was? I mean look at that! It's horrible!!! 
 After like 3 or 4 coats of primer, I realized this was going to be a lot of work. This is when I took a break and made french fries. I told myself I was being an awesome mom to make homemade fries for my kids while doing the kitchen cabinets, but really it was just for me. I was already "over" this project and needed some serious comfort food to keep me moving forward.
 And no I did not take my cabinets off to paint them. I had 1 week to finish this project and that would have slowed me down. It worked out just fine and my kitchen didn't look completely disheveled when I wasn't working on it. This is about the worst that it looked. And I'm ok with that!
 After the primer it took about another 4-5 coats of paint and a million episodes of watching Bones while working and it was done! I LOVE how it turned out and my house feels so much cleaner and brighter. My only recommendation is to make sure you add Flotrol to your paint to help eliminate brush strokes. I used a cabinet roller, but it will still leave some texturing behind, but the Flotrol gets rid of that! Don't forget the Flotrol!!!

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