Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We had such a fun time camping with a few of our homeschool friends at the end of August. We actually slept in a tent. If you know anything about me that is quite the feat. I'm not a big camper. But we ended up having a really good time.
 In the morning, our two oldest girls decided to go exploring without telling mom and dad. They came to the tent slightly giggling calling for us to come help them. When I opened the tent door this is what I found. I was less than amused, especially since we didn't bring extra clothes!
The mud was SERIOUSLY CAKED ON!!! 

The mud had to be scraped off!
This is the creek they decided to explore...
And this is where they got stuck! Thankfully a nearby camper heard there cries for help, got a stick and pulled them out.
 Once they were all cleaned up there was no shortage of snake hunting . . .
 and frog hunting. SO MANY FROGS!!!
 Porkchop shot his first bb gun.
I think he liked it! 
 We were sad we couldn't stay the full weekend with our friends, but the hubby had an international flight he had to get back in time for. But on our way home I was able to snap this shot of the Manti temple. So beautiful! Can't wait till we can do this again. Hopefully we can stay the full time!

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