Sunday, May 19, 2013

Uh Oh Jar and Blessings Jar

So here is another attempt at making our home run smoother. I have made up these 2 little jars. One is an Uh-oh jar and a blessings jar. If I find a child acting up, being disrespectful, fighting, tattling, etc. they get to pick a slip from the uh-oh jar. These slips contain chores that I might need to be done around the house, mainly ones that I don't want to do. If they complain about having to get a chore from the uh-oh jar, they get another one and will continue to get more chores the more they complain! Crossing my fingers that this works!
And as to not be a complete negative nelly, I decided to do a blessings jar as well. These are for times when I notice one of the kids being extra good. Inside this jar are little rewards, like a piece of gum, chocolate, extra computer time, etc. 
I'm hoping this will make me notice more of the positive things my kids do and not just focus on the negative.  
Wish us luck!

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