Friday, May 3, 2013

A Little Taste of Paris and Cuddles

For the longest time I have been driving past this little French Bakery and for longest time didn't even see that it was there. Then all of a sudden while sitting at a stop light I saw it! This beautiful little gem. I had to go in! And look what I found! These little beauties. Hmm... How could I pick? So I went with what I had in Paris . . .
 Pan au chocolat! Don't be confused by the sign that says chocolate croissant. They are one in the same . . .TASTY!!! If I could I would eat there every morning, have a croissant and a hot chocolate, and then look at pictures of Paris on my IPad and pretend I was still there. Alas, my waistline probably couldn't handle that, even with all the zumba classes and hot hula that I frequently enjoy.
 And on a completely different note, look how we found these two. Piglet is completely wedged in a corner. Two cute kiddos . . . but then again I'm pretty partial!

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