Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today Porkchop accomplished a major milestone! He learned to ride his bike without training wheels. It's so crazy how quickly he picked it up. We took off his training wheels and pedals on Sunday just so he could scoot around and get used to the balance. Today he told his dad, "maybe we should put the petals back on." Then he thought about it and said, "maybe not. We can do it another day." Then a couple seconds later, "Let's put them back on now!" His little vocalized thought process with a hint of anxiety was pretty cute! So my hubby put them back on and within maybe 2 minutes he was off and running. I guess not running . . . more like riding.

And look how pleased he was with himself. So proud. I tried to convince him he was able to do it because he ate all his dinner, but he didn't believe me.
*side note: Porkchop NEVER wants to eat dinner unless it's pasta with sauce and cheese, pizza, mac and cheese . . . the kraft variety, dinosaur chicken nuggets, or sandwiches. So when he ate all his Sloppy Jane for dinner, after quiet a bit of coaxing, we were pretty pleased and tried to convince him that's why he rode his bike so well. I'm very sad he didn't believe me!

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