Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cupcakes-The Reason for the Lack of Posts

Here's the reason for my absence! 300+cupcakes. 
I'm pretty sure I will need to do double workouts this week to make up for all the taste testing I "had" to do. 
Here's the flavor break down. 
The white and turquoise frosted cakes are white cake with organic strawberry filling and a white chocolate buttercream.
The coral colored cakes are peach with actual white flesh peach pieces inside the cake and then a brown sugar cream cheese frosting.
The chocolate is well . . . chocolate. I'm pretty sure the name should be death by chocolate or at the very least have a warning label stating that these could produce a chocolate induced coma. They are chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling and then an incredibly rich chocolate frosting. 
As for what went the fastest . . . the mini cupcakes in all flavors. I think everyone wanted to try all the flavors, so they would just take one of each of the mini cupcakes. Personally, I LOVED the chocolate, because I have a slight addiction to chocolate, but the peach was pretty good . . . in my humble opinion, of course!

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  1. These were all fabulous!! I have to tell you that I woke up the next morning with a killer headache. I call it my cupcake hangover. It was worth it though. (BTW Danielle is out in Romania, but I'm stealing her account right now! =) )


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