Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Police Station

My little boy is in a co-op class called kinder boys.  The mom that teaches the class organized this field trip to the police station.  Because we were a smaller group we really got a pretty in depth tour.  What was supposed to be a 30 min. tour turned into an hour and 30 minute plus tour.  We had a great time!

This is the officer that gave us the tour.  Here he is showing us the radar guns.  The picture is kind of blurry, but that is a tuning fork in his left hand.

Each radar gun has a tuning fork in a little pocket on top of it.  In order to test that the radar gun is accurate they hit the tuning fork and put in front of the gun and the gun should register 50.  Pretty interesting!!
 Here are the kids getting ready to be debriefed on an important situation. 
We were able to walk the underground tunnel that the officers can walk the prisoners to and from the station to the court house.
These are the holding cells.  I LOVED that the police officer was as much of a germ a phobe as I am cause he was constantly offering hand sanitizer while were in this area.
This is the finger printing station.  Apparently it's all done digitally now.  The FBI were constantly sending back the ink ones because they weren't legible so this digital system works much better.
Apparently the officer that gave us the tour has been tasered like 30 times.  CRAZY!!!  He said though that between the taser and pepper spray he would take the taser.  The taser is 5 seconds of excruciating pain and then it's over whereas pepper spray is 20 minutes of excruciating pain and then you go take a shower and you get to relive the pain all over again.  Good times!
This is the freezer where they keep the inmates frozen dinners.
 And here is the cell.  The kids were totally inthralled with the toilet.  A common phrase heard by the moms was "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!!"""
 These two were super cute!
 This is the stations gun range.  It's pretty small!
 This picture seems confusing, but really it makes sense.  In the gun range, you can turn the lights off and turn on police red and blue flashing lights to make it more realistic.  So this is the range with the red and blue lights.
 This is the evidence room.
 This is basically a vacuum sealer.  You know!  Like the food saver vacuum sealer.  But this one is for evidence stuff.
 This is the fridge where they keep the blood samples.
We can't forget animal control.  One of the kids asked the animal control officer if she's ever picked up a dolphin.  She said no, but she would call us if she ever did!
And this is a police car.  The kids got to climb all over this thing.  They even got to check out the computer in the front seat.
 This is the ONLY time I want to see my kids in the back of one of these!!!!
 And I was a little worried that my youngest didn't want to get out of the back of the police car when it was time to go.  Tell me I shouldn't be concerned.

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