Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Honey and Lemon

I just had to share this little tid bit of information.  Lately in our family, we have been passing around this cold/flu thing.  When it was my oldest daughters turn she developed a cough.  A really persistent and unproductive cough.  The only cough medicine I usually give my kids is a homeopathic honey based cough syrup.  Unfortunately, we were all out.  And then I remembered seeing something on Pinterest (where else) about using honey and lemon for a cough.  So I thought why the heck not.  So I pulled out the honey and food grade lemon essential oil.  
I put a couple tablespoons of honey in a glass and warmed it slightly and then added a 3-4 drops of lemon oil and had her chug it down.  Guess what??  COUGH GONE!!!  And whats even better is that the cough came back only once more, gave her another dose, and the cough was never to be heard from again!!!  WHAT??!!!  AWESOME!!!  Highly recommend!

P.S.  I hope it goes without saying, do not give this to any child under the age of 1.  Honey and 1 year olds don't mix!!!!!   And if using lemon essential oil, make sure its food grade.  Most essential oils in the stores are NOT food grade and have synthetic crud in them.  Just a little FYI for ya!

Now go kick some coughs to the curb!

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