Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homeschool Conversations

While at the YMCA tonight Honey had this following conversation with some new friends at Zumbatomic. 
Friend: "What grade are you in?"
Honey: "4th grade"
Friend: "What school do you go to?"
Honey: "I homeschool"
Friend: "So you stay at home and do nothing!"
Honey: "Um, No! I home SCHOOL!"
Friend: "Oh."
A second friend approaches and overhears their conversation and this is how it went.
2nd friend: "You homeschool?!:
Honey: "Yes."
2nd friend: "I'm so sorry for you!"
Honey: "Why?!"
2nd friend: "Cause you don't get to be with your friends all day!  Don't you hate that?"
Honey: "Um... NO!!  I do my school work for a couple hours and then I get to play ALL day long with my sisters and brother and homeschool friends!  Homeschool ROCKS!!!"

Mmmm....music to a homeschooling moms ears!  LOVE IT!!!  Homeschool does rock!  Well . . . most days! :)

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