Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on the Uh-Oh Jar

So it's been a little while since we first started using the uh-oh jar and blessings jar and let me just say it's AWESOME! It's worked soooo well! I mainly started doing this for Porkchop due to some listening and whining issues he was having and this has been a great solution. The first couple days I wasn't so sure though! He wasn't quite getting it. 
He first got a slip for not cleaning his room and then whining about it. I said, "Do you want an uh-oh jar slip?" His reply was, "Sure." So he got one. It was mopping the kitchen floor. Then he whined about that so then I said, "Do you want another uh-oh jar?" To which he replied, "Sure!" 
Anyways, this continued several times until he finally realized his chores were continuing to pile up and he was missing out on outside playtime. He quietly finished his uh-oh jar slips . . . all FIVE of them, plus cleaning his room, and then went on with his day.
The next day, he again complained about cleaning his room. I said, "Do you want an Uh-Oh jar slip?" Anyone want to guess what he said?  Porkchops reply was "Sure!" So he took a slip and it was clean the kitchen floors . . . AGAIN! After his first complaint about cleaning the floors I said, "Do you want another slip?" He quickly said, "NO!" Ahhhh... SUCCESS!!! 
Since that second day, all I have to say is "do you want an uh-oh jar slip" and he quickly says "NO!" and moves on without attitude! HOORAY!!
I'm one happy momma. As for the blessings jar, I have to be honest. I haven't been as good about handing those out. That's partly because of our chore system which I will touch on later, but mainly because I'm probably more of a negative Nelly. :) I'm working on that though!

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